A 49-minute tutorial
Learn to awaken authenticity by unravelling patterns with sound and movement.
A guided practice. 




Duration: 49 minutes
This workshop includes: 
– A guided practice

Please note: This video includes male nudity and self-pleasuring.


How do we lead a more authentic and truthful life?
How do we awaken more of our spontaneity to live more effortlessly?

Learn a practice which uses energetic transmission, spontaneous movement and self-pleasuring to help access more resourcefulness and grounding.
This 1-hour workshop focuses on awakening our inner wisdom with the support of the earth. By looping and layering a simple practice of sound and movement, including gentle pressing into the earth, we find a deeper place of energetic nourishment and awaken a connection to our deepest intelligence.
This process of grounding and solidifying is a key foundation to achieving a sustainable transformation process.
Following up from the lecture and demonstration in part 1, this video offers a guided practice that will allow you to dive inwards and awakening deeper intelligence with these learnings and concepts. Read More