A 16-minute tutorial.
Learn to 
connect to your higher self with the double spiral.
A lecture and demonstration.   




Duration: 16 minutes
This workshop includes: 
– A lecture 
– A demonstration

Please note: This video includes male nudity and self-pleasuring.


How can we connect to our highest self with the power of eros which is within our being?

This guided tutorial teaches a powerful breath, sound and self-pleasuring practice that teaches us to use spiral shapes in movement and sound practice that can connect us to higher realms, dimensions and frequencies.

The spiral is the way that the universe and the dimensions of source connect and communicate with us. We know this because the primal shapes of the blueprint of everything in the universe is spiral shaped. The most common shape in our universe’s composition is the golden mean spiral.
As we connect to spiral movements and shapes, we connect to higher energies and dimensions and the limitless potential which is available to us.
We will work with pressing a foot into the earth with sound in order to draw up the energy of the earth and feel in spiral within us.
By using in anal contractions, touch, awareness and breath, we unravel patterning in the midline and open ourselves up to receiving the intelligence of our energy field.
This video offers a lecture and practical demonstration to help guide this exploration and understand the theory and concepts before diving into the practice.


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  • This tutorial is taught naked and includes self-pleasuring.
  • This practice is best done lying down on the floor with a mat, otherwise a bed with a hard mattress can work as a second option.


London and Barcelona-based shaman Marc Peridis began exploring tantra and somatic movement therapy in 2010. In 2014, he was initiated into shamanism and began holding ceremonies at sacred sites around the world. 

This unique set of circumstances has allowed him to create a unique practice that has supported thousands of clients around the world in unlocking the transformative power of Eros.[/read]