An 11-minute tutorial
Learn how to use gravity to awaken significant shifts in consciousness.
A lecture and demonstration.  



Duration: 11 minutes
This workshop includes: 
– A lecture and demonstration

Please note: This video includes male nudity and self-pleasuring.

How can shifting our relationship to gravity allow us to shift our perspectives and eventually shift consciousness ?

As human beings, we tend to operate with limited and linear relationships to gravity.
As we expand to new relationships we awaken new possibilities for interactions with more parts of ourselves and the greater systems we are connected with (ie the universe).
This practice guides us to use breath, sound and pressing motion to connect into the earth with different relationships to gravity.
You will be invited to use a chair, ottoman, bench or small table as a tool.
Make sure it is solid and stable.
This practice opens up these new pathways allowing a more integrated use of our nervous system, brain and consciousness.
The result is the awakening of a deeper creativity and resourcefulness.

This video offers a lecture and practical demonstration to help guide this exploration and understand the theory and concepts before diving into the practice.


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  • This tutorial is taught naked and includes self-pleasuring.
  • This practice is best done lying down on the floor with a mat, otherwise a bed with a hard mattress can work as a second option.


London and Barcelona-based shaman Marc Peridis began exploring tantra and somatic movement therapy in 2010. In 2014, he was initiated into shamanism and began holding ceremonies at sacred sites around the world. 

This unique set of circumstances has allowed him to create a unique practice that has supported thousands of clients around the world in unlocking the transformative power of Eros.[/read]