Harnessing primal urges – Part 1


A 29-minute tutorial.
Learn to turn your animalistic, primal jerk-off session into a transformative spiritual practice.
A lecture and demonstration.



Duration: 29 minutes
This workshop includes: 
– A lecture
– A demonstration

Please note: This video includes male nudity and self-pleasuring.


What about those days when we wake up with such strong animalistic sexual urges.
In those moments, slow and conscious tantric practices may seem quite impossible to connect with and we may find ourselves turning to porn or social apps to get off. 
How can we turn these jack-off sessions into more conscious and fulfilling spiritual practices?
For tantra practices to be effective and sustainable they need to meet us where we are; including our most animalistic, wildest states… 
This 2-part tutorial mini-series will teach you sequences of breath, sound, movement and touch which we can integrate into a practice which is highly sexual, wild and primal, and invites us to come into presence.
In these moments, we often we often feel drawn to watch porn, fantasise, or scroll down hook-up app.
These elements can help answer the question “What else is there here? What else is available for me now to make this moment richer and more meaningful? How can I harness this fiery sexual power for my own growth?” 

Let’s not forget that the orgasm energy is the strongest and most transformative energy available to humans. 

When we are in orgasm, 3 things happen:    

1- we become one with everything in existence, gaining access to more energetic abilities for growth and transformation
2- we get access to the most powerful energetic frequencies available to man.
3- we get access to other dimensions, including the dimension of source in which our highest power lies.

Harnessing this energy will help us achieve optimum growth.
This video offers a lecture and practical demonstration to help guide this exploration and understand the theory and concepts before diving into the practice.


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  • This tutorial is taught naked and includes self-pleasuring.
  • This practice is best done lying down on the floor with a mat, otherwise a bed with a hard mattress can work as a second option.


London and Barcelona-based shaman Marc Peridis began exploring tantra and somatic movement therapy in 2010. In 2014, he was initiated into shamanism and began holding ceremonies at sacred sites around the world. 

This unique set of circumstances has allowed him to create a unique practice that has supported thousands of clients around the world in unlocking the transformative power of Eros.[/read]