A 2.5hour somatic and erotic process, part of a 4-part series.
Learn to harness the power of the orgasm to awaken higher purpose, creativity, and abundance.
This session is part of the Embodying your erotic essence series which is also part of the greater Your erotic essence master series.




Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
This workshop includes: 
– a lecture 
– a practical demonstration
– a guided practice
– a Q&A sharing space 

Please note: This video includes male nudity and self-pleasuring.



How do we live a more meaningful life, connected to our higher purpose?
How do we awaken more of who we really are and gain the ability to impact the world around us?
Most importantly, what does the orgasm have to do with it? 

Your erotic essence:

Your erotic essence is a rich, erotic and transformative journey of exploration and personal growth that guides you on a path to greater creativity, abundance and purpose.
It begins with the notion that we, as humans, are intrinsically connected to the effortless and intelligent force which is behind the creation of everything in existence. 

As a society, we have done a great job of teaching ourselves the contrary: that life should be effortful and difficult.
This workshop offers us a set of tools to realign ourselves to this universal system we are all inherently connected to.
These include shamanic energy transmission, somatic movement practice, elements of cognitive exploration and tantric practice to reconnect us to our authentic truth:  our pure Erotic essence.Read More