60-minute individual session



1 on 1 sessions create a sacred and intimate space that can support a person’s process of transformation or personal growth.

We begin with a sharing space, in which a current context, situation, or challenge is expressed.
As we connect into a space of deep intelligence, a shift begins to happen simply through conversation.
I then demonstrate a practice of sounds, breath, movement of touch, which are created specifically to respond to the needs which have been expressed.
We will then spend the remainder of the session sharing the practice of sound, movement, and touch and creating a powerful container for growth and transformation.

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Sessions can be recorded so insights can be revisited and the practice can be repeated regularly.
Sessions can be clothing optional and include genital stimulation if desired.

Benefits include:

  • Learning techniques which can help increase levels of pleasure
  • Overcoming addictions, ie porn or other.
  • Working towards overcoming trauma or other sexual issues.
  • find clarity on money issues
  • physiological healing, etc.