A 37-minute tutorial
Learn to build your intuition and increase your perception.
Guided practice.



Please note: This video includes male nudity and self-pleasuring.

How do we increase our ability to be more intuitive and perceptive?
How do we let our inner intelligence guide us towards a more meaningful existence?

Through subtle and slow movements, we sharpen our awareness of our connection to inner and outer worlds.
From an inner perspective, we become more aware of our deeper intelligence and resourceful, knowing everything we need is within us.
From an outer perspective, we become more receptive to energetic frequencies we can benefit from.
We also develop our intuition which is directly related to feeling sensations more strongly and hearing them speak to us.

Every transformation process begins with perception. In order to transform something, we must perceive it first.
Following up from the lecture and demonstration in part 1, this video offers a guided practice that will allow you to dive inwards and awakening deeper intelligence with these learnings and concepts.

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