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Your Erotic Abundance – SESSION 3

October 15 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

A 5-part workshop series. Learn to awaken authentic abundance and prosperity with the power of eros and the orgasm.

How can the orgasm energy help us step into an effortless flow of abundance and prosperity?
How do we find peace and stillness in financial situations that can be uncertain and chaotic?
How can sex and self-pleasuring help us tune into our most creative and limitless self and value our unique gifts and talents?

As we tune into Eros we connect to the most creative force available to humans; a direct link to our source and our limitless potential. As we spend more time connecting to this space, we find wholeness and tap into our authentic self and our limitless potential.

We connect to the effortless, deeply intelligent system which runs everything in our universe.

From this place, we can let go of the patterns and belief systems that hold us back from the life we truly deserve.

This workshop series uses a rich practice of energy work and spontaneous movement which harnesses the power of the orgasm for personal transformation. It uses sequences of breath, sound movement, touch, and orgasmic energy to awaken a connection to oneness and wholeness. 

This series is composed of 6 parts:

  • Part 1- 01 October 2020: Dropping below fear and anxiety (2.5 hours)
  • Part 2- 08 October 2020:  Unravelling our patterns and our money stories (2.5 hours)
  • Part 3- 15 October 2020: Awaken our erotic power (2.5 hours)
  • Part 4- 22 October 2020: Deeply knowing your value (2.5 hours)
  • Part 5- 29 October 2020: Resting in effortless abundance (2.5 hours)

This workshop will create a sacred space for this rich exploration in a group context.

Longer sessions allow us to dive deep into a rich and potent practice and make time for sharing and processing by participants.

Each of the 6 sessions will be composed of the following:

1- An arrival space of stillness to set the energetic container.

2- A short lecture on Eros, the orgasm.

3- There will be a Q&A space for participants to share their contexts, challenges, experiences, and questions.

4- A demonstration will show the elements of the practice we will be working with.

5- There will be a guided practice to awaken the power of eros and the orgasm in the body and bring knowingness deep into the cellular level.

6- A closing Q&A and sharing space.

Each week, participants will leave the workshop with new practice elements which they can continue to integrate into their daily life as a regular practice.There will also be a suggested practical assignment which can allow maintaining the practice between sessions.


This workshop is open to men only, will be taught naked, and will include self-pleasuring practice. 

Men of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and body-types are welcome in our sacred and safe container.

So please bring your full beautiful self! 

This workshop is held online.

Participants can book one individual session or book the full series. 

The cost of the full series is £144 instead of £160 if booked individually. 

The cost session 1, the introduction is £10. 

Following sessions are £30. 


Please make sure you have space that is comfortable to sit and lie down for the practice.

Make sure your space is comfortable and you have everything you need (water, blankets, etc)

Please be on time. It is also recommended to keep 15 minutes free after the session to integrate the energy and the learnings before moving on.

It is recommended to bring a fresh notepad.


Orgasmic shamanism is a rich practice of energy work and spontaneous movement which harnesses the power of the orgasm for personal transformation.

It uses sequences of breath, sound movement, touch, and orgasmic energy to awaken a connection to oneness and wholeness. As a result, we become more present, creative, and alive in our relationships and in every area of our daily life.

It all begins with the understanding that there are two parts to the orgasm, the energetic and the physical.

The energy of the orgasm is the most potent energy available to us humans, yet, as men, we generally only spend on average 10 seconds with each orgasm.

Learning to linger with this energy can be a deeply transformative experience.


Marc is a shaman based in Barcelona and London.

He began his explorations of tantra and somatic movement in 2012.

In 2014 he was initiated into shamanism and has since led ceremonies at sacred sites around the world.

After emerging from near-bankruptcy and the grip of a £350,000.00 debt, he found effortless abundance and has been mentoring clients on money and prosperity ever since.


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